Do you want me to give you traffic?

What would you say if I do some of your promoting for you?

I know that the traffic is difficult to get in the start of a new career in marketing, so I decided to put all my resellers, even trial members in my ad-rotator. It does not matter if you are in my downline for GotBackup, PureLeverage, Upgraded Fan Page System, Host Then Profit or Nowlifestyle. And it does not matter if you are a trial member or an upgraded reseller, you will be included in the rotator and I will make sure you get traffic from my efforts (solo ads, TE’s and more)

This is not a guarantee for signups as I have the TRAFFIC in rotation, but you should see that your pages receive traffic and there should be some leads sometimes as well.

And as a trial-member you will have 7 days to decide if it is enough for you to see that the product works and get to know how to get good traffic yourself to boost it. And if you decide to continue after the trial, you will STILL be in rotation, as this is an offer for everyone who sign up under me ūüôā

Here are the links to the trials, you can join one or all (I will put your affiliate links from every program you join in the rotator)

PureLeverage Trial:


GotBackup Trial (the trial offer comes in the upsell after you register):


Host Then Profit Trial (at the bottom of the page):


NowLifestyle (Pre-Enrollment Lock-In 49.95 refundable within 30 days if you for some reason don’t want to join this HUGE program from the start)


If you decide to join, I will add you in the rotator within 24 hours and you will start seeing traffic directly

How I Use PureLeverage Tools & A Special $1-Trial Offer!

As I wrote in my last post (you can find it here), PureLeverage offers a huge amount of value in the 24.95/month that you pay for the tools.

First, here’s a recap of what is included:

  • Professional Autoresponder (10.000 subscribers max. Also upgradable)
  • Lead Capture System (Fan Page System, Free Coaching Marketing etc.)
  • Video Email (Send a personal video message!)
  • Authority Blog (use the blog to promote your business and PureLeverage, like this one)
  • 100-Seat MyOwnMeeting Room (Conference room WITH LIVE FB FEED)
  • Elite Coaching Program (like this weekly training with Janet Legere and much more!)

Professional Autoresponder & Lead Capture System:

With the Lead Capture System you can easily get people to sign up to your autoresponder. As a member of PureLeverage you have the possibility to have up to 10.000 subscribers. In your autoresponder you can have a pre-written email series, promoting any offers/opportunity you like. You can also¬†send “broadcasts” to every subscriber for special offers and/or urgent offers. Autoresponders is the absolutely best way to keep steady contact with everyone that has shown interest in your products/services and even those who have already bought your services (an old customer is your best customer)

Video Email

With the video email service you can send professional video emails to your autoresponder. It comes with a video recording software and many templates to make it even more professional. With that, you can send personal video messages to anyone and they can open it when they wake up.

Authority Blog

A blog, like this one. A high converting blog, where visitors can sign up for your autoresponder while reading your interesting articles. It comes with the best tools for getting a growing amount of visitors (of course, you have to write regulary). Weekly trainings as well as recorded webinars will help you to get the MOST out of the blog. Search engines LOVES blogs, and that is why it is probably the best tool for getting FREE traffic in time.

MyOwnMeeting – Your Own Live Conference Room

Why book a hotel conference room, when you can do it internationally online! Included in PureLeverage is your very own 100-seat conference room. Easy to use, support for powerpoint-presentation, live chat, video-/audio streaming, multiple speakers, desktop sharing, live polls, recording and even drawing live. It is easy, you decide on having a webinar about any product/service that you promote. Schedule the time and send a broadcast to your subscribers. Remember to remind your subscribers at least one hour before you go live and also just before you are starting! Live presentation is the best way to turn curious prospects into buyers!

Amazing commissions if you become a reseller!

With a commission-systemout of this world, you can earn very healthy commissions by promoting PureLeverage . As a reseller you will already have a pre-written autoresponder-series that is written by the best email marketers and has proven to be highly converting! You will earn 50% of your referrals monthly fee (of the products) and on top of that, you will earn 50% of what your referrals earn by also promoting PureLeverage per month. Check out a video of the compensation-system here:

So, what about the $1-trial offer? The link to the trial is just below. For $1 you will have full access to the tools for 7 days, to get the feel of the system. You can decide to continue after the trial or you can decie to cancel it, no questions asked. But I am sure you will find the huge value of the tools even on the first day!!



PureLeverage Tools – An Overview Of The Products & THE MONEY!

In this webinar from last night (12th Jan 2017) Janet will go through everything you get if you upgrade from the FREE Fan Page System to the whole suite of tools from PureLeverage. Remember, there is no requirement to upgrade, you can still promote your own business to the leads you aquire to your free autoresponder (500 subscribers max) from the system. If you do upgrade, you will also earn amazing residual commissions from others you recruit into the Fan Page System that upgrades, as well as from the other referrals you get to PureLeverage. But here is a quick overview of what you get with PureLeverage:

  • Professional Autoresponder (10.000 subscribers max. Also upgradable)
  • Lead Capture System (Fan Page System, Free Coaching Marketing etc.)
  • Video Email (Send a personal video message!)
  • Authority Blog (use the blog to promote your business and PureLeverage, like this one)
  • 100-Seat MyOwnMeeting Room (Conference room WITH LIVE FB FEED)
  • Elite Coaching Program (like this weekly training with Janet Legere and much more!)

You can also sell the PureLeverage suite of tools to local (and international) business, because businesses needs autoresponders and web conference rooms. So you can both promote the products and the opportunity!

You can sign up for PureLeverage here:

Or just the Fan Page System here:

And here is the recorded webinar with Janet Legere:

Finally a dynamic powerful tools suite that pays YOU

  • Does Aweber pay you for your mailing?
  • Does Amazon pay you for your videos, and video storage?
  • Does GoTo Meeting ¬†or Web Ex pay you for your webinars?


Do they pay you for any clients that you send there way?
(YEP like 10%…would you rather not get 100%)?

Friend just by you simply using their services you
are sending them clients and not getting paid for it!


It’s powerful profit pulling tools suite will ignite any
online business model and will save you hundreds of dollars
per month. Giving you the leading edge over any competition.

This is just some of the powerful Tools you will find in
the PureLeverage tools suite:

– complete auto responder system (with perfect inbox deliverability)
– complete video email
– complete blogging and lead generation system
– complete webinar service
– complete video producing and video storage platform

and so much more all under one powerful marketing account!

Does PureLeverage pay?

YES! 100% commissions!

Check it out now:


You will want to take immediate action on this serious money making GIANT!

Click below for a quick compensation plan overview and see
just how easy you can be in instant profit!

Build Your Business Using The Free Fan Page System

Here is another free training webinar with Janet Legere, where she explains and teaches you in detail all the steps to make it with the Free Fan Page System. Topics for this 1 hour webinar is:

  • The Fan Page System
  • How Does The Fan Page System Build My Business
  • The Daily Activities
  • Following Up And Following Through

Enjoy the video here:

(If you cant see the video, click here to be redirected to the original link on facebook)

And these free, live weekly training webinars (and much more) is included even for the Free members of the Fan Page System. You have nothing to lose by joining (well, apart from 5 minutes of your time/day)

Join for FREE now, by clicking here or the banner below


Why Should I Use The Fan Page System To Earn Money?

One of the main reasons why the PureLeverage Fan Page System has been so popular is the value you will get even without upgrading. Here is a very good example of that, the FREE weekly training you will get. And that is both for the Fan Page System and Internet Marketing in general.

Here is a recorded webinar where you will learn all you need to be successful, both as a free member (free autoresponder up to 500 subscribers, lead generation system and also a web-conference room so you can have your own webinars) and an upgraded member (upgraded members earn commissions on their downlines upgrades, autoresponder for up to 10.000 subscribers for a competitivly low fee and much, much more)

Not a member yet? Click on the banner below to join for FREE today!


If you can’t see the video, you can click here to be redirected to the video on the facebook page


The GVO Fan Page System

After years of struggling to help people make money online, there is finally a solution that is simple for everyone to use.

The GVO Fan Page System.

Your free membership includes a professional autoresponder and lead capture system to get you started building your list up to 500 subscribers.

Complete training and support is included with the free system along with the opportunity to make money!

When you upgrade to a Pure Leverage Reseller, you upgrade your income to 100% referral fees and 50% residual commissions!

How hard is it to build your list with the GVO Fan Page System? It’s simple. Follow the daily activities suggested in the members area. In other words … share YOUR Fan Page on Facebook and other Social Networks.

Advertise your Fan Page wherever you can and you will soon see growth begin to happen.

The system is simple and complete. It’s what everyone has been waiting for.

The wait is over with the GVO Fan Page System.

Check it our for free right now